2-time Champion raised concerns with Vince McMahon about his WWE character

Killer Kross, formerly known as Karrion Kross, has disclosed details about a meeting he had with Vince McMahon in WWE.

Accompanied by his wife Scarlett, many felt that Kross had one of the best presentations in NXT. However, after moving to RAW in July 2021, he was told to undergo a drastic character change. The transformation included new attire, which drew comparisons to Lord Humungus from the film “Mad Max 2.”

Speaking on the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast, Kross revealed that McMahon had no interest in reintroducing the NXT elements to his character.

“He was, for me, very easy to talk to,” Kross said. “But when he had his mind made up about something, there was no changing it. Because I did professionally and politely express concerns about how there was some missing continuity with the character. I did suggest that maybe we change directions and try to salvage it. He was not interested whatsoever in doing that.” [1:03:04-1:03:27]


Kross lost his WWE main roster debut against Jeff Hardy on the July 19, 2021, episode of RAW. The manner of the defeat was widely criticized by fans, especially as the match only lasted 100 seconds.

When did Killer Kross meet with Vince McMahon?

On the August 23, 2021, episode of RAW, Kross defeated Ricochet in a match lasting 90 seconds. A week later, he picked up a win over Humberto Carrillo in four minutes and 15 seconds.

The 36-year-old began wearing a helmet to the ring before the match against Ricochet. After that moment, he knew he had to speak to Vince McMahon about the uncertain direction of his character.

“I believe it was the second week of the helmet [the day of the match against Carrillo] I brought it to his attention,” Kross continued. “Two other people that work for him that are above me agreed with me. But when we got in there, once he made his mind up, no one was really going to tell him otherwise. And how can they? They can’t.” [1:03:29-1:03:48]

Although he did not mind wearing the helmet, Kross felt his booking at the time lacked any storyline explanation. He received his release from WWE in November 2021 after four months on the main roster.

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