4 current WWE faces who are better as heels

WWE Superstars often switch between portraying face and heel characters numerous times in their careers.

It’s key to keeping a character fresh for a prolonged amount of time. As such, it’s important for any star to be able to convincingly perform as both a hero and as a villain.

With that being said, most talents will always find it a little easier to work one side of the coin. The likes of John Cena and Rey Mysterio, for example, are much more suited as faces than they are as heels.

On the other hand, there are numerous stars in WWE that are much more suited to playing the dastardly villain. There are even several wrestlers in the company right now who are faces but perform much better as heels.

On that note, here are four current WWE babyfaces who work better as heels.

#4. Alexa Bliss has always worked better as a heel

Alexa Bliss is much more suited to being a villain
Alexa Bliss is much more suited to being a villain

Alexa Bliss has always performed better as a heel during her time in WWE. It was as a villain that she became a major star in the company following her move to the main roster from NXT.

The 30-year-old has spent the majority of her time on the main roster as a heel. There’s no doubt that she can also perform as a face, but she is definitely much more suited in a villainous role.

It’s no coincidence that Bliss’ most successful periods in WWE came during her time as a heel, winning numerous titles. There’s currently potential in her new tag team with Liv Morgan, but if there are no plans to keep the team together, the company should consider turning Bliss heel once again.

#3. Bobby Lashley’s face run is going well, but he’s a better heel

Bobby Lashley went from heel to face so fast… in a weird way to. #WWERaw

Bobby Lashley‘s recent face turn is going quite well, and he’s actually getting great reactions from the audience. That being said, there is no doubt he works better as a heel.

The former WWE Champion has never been particularly strong on the microphone, and as such he’s thrived in the role of a silent, dominant heel with MVP as his mouthpiece.

Lashley’s entire first run with the company was as a face, but it wasn’t until he turned his back on the fans during his second spell that he truly became a main event level star. That’s not to say he can’t achieve similar levels of success now that he has become a hero once again, but he’s certainly at a disadvantage.

#2. Randy Orton has been great as a babyface in RK-Bro, but has always been a better villain

Randy Orton is a good face, but he's a great heel
Randy Orton is a good face, but he’s a great heel

First things first, Randy Orton shouldn’t turn heel again anytime soon. The Viper is currently having one of the best runs of his entire career alongside Riddle in RK-Bro.

Their partnership has breathed new life into Orton’s character and he’s clearly enjoying himself. With that being said, the Apex Predator still works much better as a heel.

Throughout his career, Orton has switched between good guy and bad guy numerous times, and more often than not, his most successful work came as a villain. Whether it was the brash, cocky Legend Killer or the sadistic Viper, the former WWE Champion thrives as a heel and is much more suited to the role.

With that being said, his current run with Riddle is one of the most entertaining stretches of Orton’s career and shouldn’t be tampered with anytime soon.

#1. Ronda Rousey isn’t a great face and WWE should turn her heel

Ronda Rousey needs to go heel asap!!!

Ronda Rousey just doesn’t work as a babyface in WWE. Following her return at Royal Rumble 2022, the company have tried their best to push her as a heroic figure on Smackdown, but it’s fallen flat.

The former UFC star is a natural heel and has shown in the past that she thrives in the role. Fans aren’t quite getting behind Rousey and it’s hurting every program she’s been in since her return.

WWE needs to consider turning her heel once again and really allowing her to let loose on the SmackDown women’s division in a way that only she can.

Whether it’s with a manager to act as her mouthpiece or maybe even a partnership with real-life friend Shayna Baszler, Rousey would benefit tremendously from a heel turn. It would provide her with the opportunity to prove just how much better she works in the role than she does as a face.

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