5 interesting NPC questlines in Elden Ring

NPC questlines in Elden Ring, like the NPCs themselves, have been well designed. Elden Ring allows players to follow a ton of dynamic questlines that lead players down some interesting paths. Almost all NPCs in the game have a quest tied to them, which usually ends pretty tragically.

Elden Ring has a vast number of NPCs that can be found littered throughout the Lands Between. These characters are incredibly important in conveying the lore of the world. The NPCs in Elden Ring have been carefully crafted to represent the Lands Between and its unique inhabitants.

FromSoftware has paid a lot of attention to detail, as most of the NPCs in the game have grown to be iconic. They have already garnered an immense fan following on the internet and are often the subject of incredible theories and artwork. This list contains some of the most fascinating NPCs that feature unique questlines that will keep players interested throughout.

5 most intriguing NPC questlines in Elden Ring that players shouldn’t ignore

1) Rya

The Volcano Manor is home to the Recusants. A faction of the Tarnished who seek to assassinate others like them or induct worthy ones into their ranks. The player can choose to partner up with the Recusants and swear fealty to the lady and lord of Volcano Manor, Lady Tanith and Lord Rykard, respectively.

Rykard is the son of Rennala and Radagon, which makes him a demigod of a powerful line. Before committing the sin of blasphemy, he was a competent leader who was well respected by his knights.

Rya is an NPC who acts like a scout for the Volcano Manor. Players can first encounter Rya at Liurna of the Lakes, but it is not necessary to talk to her here; however, this will lock players out of the Blackguard’s quest.

If spoken with, Rya asks the player to retrieve a necklace for her that the Blackguard had stolen. Upon returning it to her, she invites the player to the Volcano Manor, and players can then continue her quest from there. Rya’s story is easily one of the more interesting and tragic questlines in the game.

Rya is fondly known in the Elden Ring community. Her character has been depicted through many different forms of fan art, all of which look absolutely fantastic. Moreover, her character is easily one of the most likable among the bunch, and players should definitely see her questline through.

2) Boc the Seamster

The Demi-Humans are a race of ape-like creatures that can be found all throughout the Lands Between. They are hostile to the player and will usually use numbers to overwhelm their targets. They can catch unwary players off-guard and be of incredible annoyance. The hierarchy of the Demi-Humans can be seen since the larger ones tend to lead the rest.

Demi-Humans do not appear to converse with each other in any discernable language, but Boc the Seamster is the only one who does so.

Boc the Seamster is an NPC that is encountered in Limgrave but follows the player throughout the Lands Between. This NPC questline is quite frankly the most important one for Fashion Souls enthusiasts. Progressing through the early stages of this NPC questline allows players to alter armor sets at a Site of Grace. And if players dive deeper into this NPC questline, they can even alter boss armor as well.

Boc the Seamster serves as a valiant reminder that there is more to an individual than meets the eye. His faithful dedication to the player comes with his soft-mannered nature that has captivated the Elden Ring community.

This is undoubtedly one of the best NPC questlines available in Elden Ring.

3) Iron Fist Alexander

The Living Jars are another race native to the Lands Between. They are animated jars made from imbued human flesh and blood stored inside the jars’ cavities. The jars are described as kindly folk who do not seek violence and only attack when provoked. However, almost all the Living Jars the player encounters in the Lands Between are hostile when approached except the ones found at Jarburg, as well as the stalwart Warrior Jar, Iron Fist Alexander.

Iron Fist Alexander can be first encountered while he’s asking for help near Stormhill in Limgrave. He is in a rather perilous situation and needs the player to free him. After the player does rescue him, he states that he is on the warriors’ path, which beckons him towards the Radahn Festival.

Iron Fist Alexander is one of the few characters in the game whose NPC questline takes him all the way towards the end of the game. He is there alongside the player almost every step of the way and is a witness to the bravery shown by the chosen Tarnished.

Iron Fist Alexander’s character bears some similarities to the Onion Knights of the Dark Souls games. This is not by accident, as FromSoftware wanted to capture their unique charm and presence, and this iteration has been done masterfully.

This NPC questline is quite interesting and stays with players until the bitter end.

4) Millicent

Malenia is an Empyrean who is incredibly powerful. She is also the vessel for an outer god called the Scarlet Rot, which is an extremely volatile and destructive entity. The effects of Scarlet Rot’s devastation can be seen in Caelid as Malenia abandoned her sense of self to meet Radahn’s measure in battle.

This left Malenia in a deep slumber and left the Demigod Radahn crazed and mad. The blooming of the Scarlet Rot in Caelid is one of the biggest events in the Lands Between, and it truly shows the horror that is the Rot.

Millicent is the rumored daughter of Malenia and harbors the Rot within her. This NPC questline is incredibly long and detailed, with many paths branching out and different endings.

Millicent is first encountered in the Swamp of Aoenia, and she invades the player as they delve deeper into the heart of the swamp. She uses deadly attacks reminiscent of Malenia’s moves, and this gives players insight into who she really is.

This NPC questline starts in Caelid and ends all the way in the Haligtree. Every part of this NPC questline is incredibly intriguing as it gives players pieces of information about what the Scarlet Rot is truly capable of. Players will definitely find this NPC questline tragic and rewarding at the same time.

5) Blaidd, the Half-Wolf

Blaidd, the Half-Wolf, once said,

“Let’s give them a show to remember, eh. Just don’t you go dying on me. For Ranni’s sake, too.”

Blaidd, the Half-Wolf is Lunar Princess Ranni’s loyal shadow. Almost all Empyreans in Elden Ring have a shadow watching over them as protectors. Blaidd has been by Ranni’s side ever since they were both children, and he is oath-sworn to protect his princess from any threats.

This oath is rooted deep into his being as he cannot ever betray Ranni and is one of her staunchest allies. Blaidd, the Half-Wolf can be encountered fairly early in the game as he can be found in the Mistwood in East Limgrave.

This NPC questline is tied to Ranni’s quest in the game. Blaidd can be found all throughout Ranni’s questline, and he helps the player in a ton of ways. He can be summoned to fight alongside the player against the mighty Starscourge Radahn and is easily one of the most likable NPCs in Elden Ring.

His character often gets a lot of attention, and fan art centered around him also pop up from time to time. He is also the subject of theories and much more, as the community really does enjoy this iteration of the Wolf-knight present in most FromSoftware games.

This particular NPC questline might be tied deeply to Ranni’s story, and the end of Blaidd’s story can be overlooked by some players. The Tarnished are encouraged to pay closer attention to Blaidd’s subsequent disappearance and are also advised to talk to some of his closest allies to find out what has happened to the beloved shadow.

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