Andrade El Idolo sends bizarre message to Rey Fenix

Former WWE Superstar Andrade El Idolo sent a strong yet bizarre message to Rey Fenix ahead of their upcoming match on AEW Rampage.

Andrade and Fenix will face off for the first time in singles competition on AEW Rampage this Friday. However, this will technically be the third time they share the ring—the most recent being in the closing stages of the Interim AEW World Title Battle Royale.

In an attempt to get ahead of the former AEW Tag Team Champion, Andrade called out Rey Fenix while making it clear that he’s now married.

Check out Andrade’s tweet below:

What Andrade being married to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair has to do with Fenix remains a mystery. However, the masked man won’t be too pleased being called “mugroso,” which translates to “Mucky” or “Dirty” in English.

Andrade may think Fenix is “mugroso,” but given the natural talent of both men, their match could be one of the cleanest displays of pro wrestling fans ever see.

Rey Fenix recently became a double champion outside of AEW

During his career, Rey Fenix has won many championships and recently added two more titles to his collection.

At AAA’s TripleMania on June 18, 2022, Fenix won a fast-moving five-way match to become the AAA World Crusierweight Champion and the AAA Latin America Champion.

The match for the Latin American And Cruiserweight Title was absolutely incredible. Rey Fenix is quickly becoming one of the greatest luchadors ever #Triplemania30

Fenix dethroned Laredo Kid for the Crusierweight and Taurus for the Latin America belt, while also fending off AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo and former ROH World Champion Bandido to pick up the victory.

The masked man isn’t the first AEW star to hold either one of these titles. The Cruiserweight Title has been held by the likes of Sammy Guevara and Jack Evans. While the Latin America Title has been held by names such as Fenix’s brother Penta Oscuro and WCW legend La Parka.

Will Fenix defend either one of these championships in AEW? Only time will tell.

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