Booker T reacts to AEW’s ‘Hangman’ Adam Page

Booker T seemingly came under fire after ‘Hangman’ Adam Page tweeted to blast retired wrestlers with podcasts. Booker T recently commented on Page’s Tweet, saying he agrees with the former AEW World Champion.

In an older episode of his podcast, Booker T infamously commented on Adam Cole’s physique, saying the star should gain more muscle to avoid future injuries. The former WWE Champion isn’t the first to comment on Cole’s physique. Jim Cornette has done the same on a few occasions.

During the most recent The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker commented on Hangman’s recent Tweet:

“He didn’t say my name, okay? And I know he could be friends with Adam Cole, and definitely if he was a friend of mine I might want to come to his aid. But I honestly agree with everything that Adam Page said, 100%. As far as being an old guy crapping on the young guys.” (from 30:53 onward)

i just hope that when im old and retired i don’t lower myself to some shit ass podcast where i trash the younger generation that’s just chasing the same fortune wrestling has afforded me

Booker continued, noting he doesn’t want to be bitter about young talent:

“I don’t want to be bitter about these young guys coming up, but I do want to say this: I don’t want anyone to think that I’m body shaming anyone. I look to build people up more than anything, and a lot of people are creating drama around this, Adam Cole this, because it’s the way they feel and they want to use Booker T to get that message out there.” (from 31:43 onward)

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Booker T believes Paige would be a great fit for AEW

During the same Hall of Fame podcast, the veteran advised Paige to sign with AEW in the wake of her WWE departure:

“If she’s not going to be in WWE, definitely, I could see Paige doing some really, really good stuff there [in AEW]… People made my comment about Sasha big news just because I don’t look at Sasha the way I look at Paige… That’d be big for AEW to have someone like Paige walk out of that curtain. Paige is a star, bonafide.” (from 47:33 onward)

Where do you guys wanna see me next??

With Paige’s WWE contract ending in June 2022, there’s a chance she might sign with AEW.

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