Cristiano Ronaldo left Shakira with ‘her hands over her mouth’ after she mocked him during game against Barcelona

Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo left Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s ex-girlfriend Shakira feeling foolish for mocking him during an El Clasico game in 2011.

It was the Copa del Rey final, with the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona tied at 0-0 heading into extra-time.

Ronaldo missed a golden opportunity to give Los Blancos the lead as he sent his shot wide of the post. The pop singer was then captured by the cameras laughing at the expense of the Portuguese star.

Five minutes later, however, she would be left with egg over her face as Ronaldo would do what he does best. The veteran forward raced forward and pounced on Adriano’s cross with a delightful header to claim the Copa del Rey title with a fantastic winner.

Ronaldo wheeled away in celebration whilst the Colombian pop singer stood with her hands over her mouth in shock at what had unfolded.

The win came as somewhat of a surprise for Madrid as Barcelona were enjoying a hugely successful period under former manager Pep Guardiola at the time.

Shakira had been an avid supporter of her ex-boyfriend Pique throughout his career at the Nou Camp. That will no longer be the case as the couple have announced they have broken up following rumors of infidelity on Pique’s part.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s prior comments on his relationship with both Ronaldo and ex-girlfriend Shakira

Pique on his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Pique on his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Old comments from Gerard Pique have resurfaced where he lavishes praise on his former United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and former girlfriend Shakira.

Pique played with the United forward for four years during his time at Old Trafford from 2004 to 2008 before heading to Barcelona. He has explained the good relationship he holds with the Portuguese star, telling Latin Times‘ ‘Wild Project’ in April:

“Cristiano Ronaldo? I’ve always had a good relationship with him. When we played together, we met many times with other Portuguese and Brazilian teammates.”

He continued,

“Ronaldo used the mirror a lot at Manchester United. When he arrived at training, the first thing he always did was look in the mirror. It was a lot of fun.”

Gerard Pique about Cristiano Ronaldo 🗣: “You cannot afford to take your eyes off him”.

The 35-year-old also touched on the intimacy he and pop singer Shakira shared, comparing it to being whistled by rival fans. He said:

“I get whistled at all the time. You laugh and the fans get even madder. There is nothing comparable in the world. I would say it’s better than sex. I enjoy it a lot more than playing against Real Madrid.”

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