Endeavor confronts his past to return to the battle

After a week of creative break, My Hero Academia Chapter 356 returns to the ongoing battle in the Gunga Mountain Range. While some fears regarding the survival of the heroes are assuaged by the spoilers leaked today, more concern sprouts about the possibility of any victory over All for One (AFO).

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 356 focuses mostly on Endeavor as he returns to battle, with a mini origin story about the conception of his hero name.

While the spoilers have not endeared the Flame Hero to the more critical fans, most readers have come to understand the motivations he has and the changes he wishes to make.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 356 and contains three raw panels.

Endeavor continues to fight despite losing an arm in My Hero Academia Chapter 356

In the last chapter, Endeavor regained consciousness while he was on the ground, and Hawks tried to buy some time until he could return to the fight.

AFO’s attack tore off Jirou’s left ear, but she still managed a counterattack that awakened the vestiges of the villain’s stolen Quirks. While AFO was paralyzed, Hawks struck his mask at a weakened place with the katanas and managed to break off a chunk of it.

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 356 is titled “Regarding the Enemy.” However, the title and any names of the attacks in the chapter are likely to be changed in the official translation.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356 raw scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 356 begins with Tokoyami hitting AFO with his new attack, “Black Ankh Ragnarok: Fleeting.” Hawks also joins the attack, remarking that it was foolish of AFO to think that the heroes were just buying time for Endeavor.

AFO, on the other hand, recognizes that he was only hit because his Vibration and Infrared Quirks have become impaired due to Jirou’s sound-based attack earlier.

AFO solves this by devouring the consciences of his Quirks inside the vestige world. Regaining his mobility, he attacks everyone with a barrage of sharp blades.

While Hawks strives to protect Tokoyami and Jirou, the blades put AFO’s mask back together. However, Endeavor returns to the battle at that moment and promptly gets his right arm severed clean off by the blades.


My Hero Academia Chapter 356 returns to moments ago when Endeavor was on the ground. It is revealed that he hallucinated a confrontation with his own younger self, who urged him to remember his origin.

The younger Endeavor reminded him that despite his claims of atonement, the Flame Hero has only exposed his weakness to the world.

In a flashback, a student Endeavor is seen visibly shaken by the death of a civilian who had tried his best to rescue his daughter and ended up dying alongside her.

Presently, Endeavor remembers that after the incident, he wished to become someone as special and resilient as that father and thus took up the name Endeavor. However, he will never be a figure like All Might, and he must confront his own weakness first.

Creating an arm of fire to replace the one he has just lost, Endeavor punches AFO, breaking his mask once again.


Fans were happy to see Jirou alive, but the chief focus of the chapter seems to be Endeavor. Interestingly, his origin story features a father-child duo, considering that the people that Endeavor has failed the most are his children.

Endeavor’s redemption has been one of the most highly debated controversies in the fandom. One cannot imagine that the situation would get any clearer post My Hero Academia Chapter 356.

The nature and scope of Tokoyami’s attack are left unclear in the spoilers, although the raw scans suggest that it involved some sort of “Smash.”

AFO’s blades seem similar to the ones that impaled Bakugo during the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc, only greater in number and with more reach.

While Endeavor losing an arm would be a setback for the heroes, he does manage to break AFO’s mask more thoroughly than Hawks did. It remains to be seen if AFO can put it back together again once the chapter is officially released.

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