Ex-champion claims that Sheamus and Drew McIntyre aren’t afraid to throw real punches

Madcap Moss has admitted that he wants to face Sheamus, as he recently praised him and his arch-rival, Drew McIntyre.

Speaking on KFAN 100.3’s Power Trip Morning Show After Party Podcast, Moss claimed that he was fortunate enough to share the ring with The Scottish Warrior.

Additionally, the SmackDown star also praised Sheamus for his incredible run with WWE over the past decade. He noted that The Celtic Warrior is someone who isn’t afraid to take or throw a real punch and the same can be said for McIntyre:

“I was fortunate enough to mix it up with Drew McIntyre a few times and he is a physically imposing tough, you know, Scottish Warrior, but someone who I’d like to similar style is Sheamus. You know, he’s another guy who’s had an unbelievable run in WWE just over a decade of just really, really good performances, and championship runs. I mean, just he’s done it all. He’s physical. He’s tough, isn’t he? I call him the Celtic Warrior. So I’d love to do battle with him.”

Moss went on to say that he loves wrestling fellow big men in physical matchups:

“Those kinds of matchups where it gets real physical, another big guy in there, and they’re not afraid to take a punch or give a punch. Those are the kinds of matchups I love.” (H/T: Fightful)

Drew McIntyre recently opened up about his rivalry with Sheamus

Drew McIntyre was recently a guest on WWE’s The Bump. During the conversation, he opened up about his rivalry with Sheamus.

The two men are no strangers to one another and even shared the ring very recently on SmackDown. The two competed in a qualification match for the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event. Unfortunately, the bout ended in a double-disqualification.

Here’s what McIntyre had to say:

“It feels different for us and hopefully feels different for the fans watching. I know it feels different seeing the feedback because we have a very particular philosophy in this industry. When we get in that ring, we don’t hold back whatsoever. We put everything out there. If there’s anyone in the crowd that feels a certain way, maybe it’s their first time at a WWE show, they’re going to leave talking about Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, and the level of physicality we bring to the ring.”

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Madcap Moss fulfills his desire to face Sheamus in a match.

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