Fall Guys goes free-to-play, adds Show-Bucks and Season Pass

Developer Mediatonic has finally moved Fall Guys away from its original $20 price tag to a free-to-play model as of June 21, 2022. The popular miniaturized battle royale with bean-shaped characters gained quite the following, despite originally having a price tag associated with it. With this new change, the game will now be accessible to more players than ever before.

Of course, gaming studios still need to generate income. Fall Guys had cosmetic items before the switch to a free-to-play model. Players can buy outfits for their bean-shaped creatures in fabulous get-ups like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed and Mechagodzilla. While that has not changed, the way fans of the game go about purchasing cosmetic items has.

In the wake of the game switching to a free-to-play mode, the in-game currencies have been changed. In addition to new in-game currencies, a Season Pass is also in effect; players will be able to earn rewards as they play.

Purchase cosmetic items with Show-Bucks and Kudos, Fall Guys’ new in-game currencies

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The in-game currencies for Fall Guys have been simplified, which is always a good move. Too many in any game can cause confusion, not to mention anti-consumer. Players now only deal with two types of currencies: Show-Bucks and Kudos.

Kudos is a non-purchasable currency, whereas Show-Bucks comes with a price tag. In other words: Show-Bucks are the premium currency. Every player will earn Kudos provided they do the following:

  • Completing in-game challenges
  • Earned through events
  • Rewarded from the new Season Pass

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for gamers to earn Kudos for completing matches anymore.

Kudos can be used to purchase in-game cosmetic items. However, the items available for purchase will be of the “common” variety, like common costumes, colors, nicknames, nameplates, faceplates, and patterns.


Anything higher than that will require Show-Bucks, which are essentially like V-Bucks in Fortnite. Normally, Show-Bucks are purchased with real money, though some can be earned through the Season Pass for free. Show-Bucks can then be used to purchase more elaborate costumes and whatnot.

The Season Pass will also include its own bevy of rewards. It is split into two paths: the “free” path and the “paid” path. Should players pick up the new Season Pass for Fall Guys, they will earn additional rewards that the “free” path does not include. For example, both paths include Show-Bucks, but more is earned on the “paid” path.

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