Fans gather to harass Paddy Pimblett on latest social media post, jibe about his weight ahead of UFC London return

UFC lightweight (155-pound) star Paddy Pimblett has often been targeted by certain sections of the MMA community for his habit of gaining a considerable amount of weight between fights. Pimblett self-admittedly shoots up to 200+ pounds when he’s not training for a fight.

Some fans have once again jibed at ‘The Baddy’ over his weight in his latest Instagram post. Pimblett’s Instagram post features a photograph of himself alongside Bellator MMA women’s featherweight fighter Leah McCourt from her appearance on the Chattin Pony with Paddy The Baddy podcast. Pimblett’s statement attached alongside the photo reads as follows:

“Latest podcast is live ppl with @leahmccourt.”

Several of the comments on the post were supportive of Pimblett. However, some highlighted that Pimblett is seemingly overweight in the photo. Given that his upcoming fight is about a month away, being too heavy could adversely affect his weight cut to 155 pounds and his performance in the fight.

One Instagram user noted that Pimblett’s next opponent Jordan Leavitt is going to beat him and then perform his signature twerk dance move. The user commented:

“He’s gonna get twerked on.” The user posted another comment that read – “Looking like a healthy 200 lbs and the fight is 5 weeks away. Jordan Leavitt by sub.”

Additionally, another Instagram user suggested that Paddy Pimblett would get KO’d in his next fight. Meanwhile, someone else jestingly advised Pimblett to move up to the heavyweight (265-pound) division:

One user predicted, “Paddy gets KO first round next fight.” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Lol just go up to heavyweight fatty.”

Check out some of the comments against Paddy Pimblett in the image below:

Screenshots of comments on Pimblett's Instagram post
Screenshots of comments on Pimblett’s Instagram post

Anthony Smith feels Paddy Pimblett is damaging his body with excessive weight gain between fights

Paddy Pimblett is scheduled to face Jordan Leavitt in a lightweight bout at UFC London on July 23rd. ‘The Baddy’ is one of the most popular MMA stars today. Regardless, the Liverpool MMA stalwart has been criticized by fans and detractors alike for gaining too much weight between his fights.

On Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast, UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith recently asserted that he understands why Pimblett is being criticized. Warning that Pimblett is damaging his body by ballooning up between fights, Smith said:

“He’s gonna start having problems as he gets older, his metabolism is going to slow down a little bit… you only have so many weight cuts like that in you. So, it’s just the damage that he’s doing. I think that he would be a better athlete and a better fighter, if he was able to just keep his weight down.”

Watch the full episode of the Believe You Me podcast in the video below:


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