Football fans react to Archie Manning’s decision to join Texas 

One name that people think of when it comes to football is Manning. Both Peyton and Eli had illustrious careers in the NFL and had their fair share of accolades in the process.

Well, there is a new Manning in town. Arch, the son of Cooper, Peyton and Eli’s brother, has made headlines since high school and has now announced his college. Texas will be home to the next generation of Manning as he looks to set a path for himself to the NFL.

Arch took to Twitter to announce his move.


As expected, when this dropped, fans were quick to comment on the post, given the name that accompanies it.

A fan named Mikey posted in response and wrote:

“Condolences. 4+losses a year coming up guaranteed.”

@ArchManning Condolences. 4+losses a year coming up guaranteed

A Texas fan posted and wished Arch the best.

@ArchManning I’m a Texan and a fan, and I certainly wish you the best, but please reconsider. Texas is where QBs come to die. Jmo. I’ll still watch you play anywhere, though!

One fan commented and wrote that maybe Texas can beat Vanderbilt and also said that Arch will have fun not going to any bowl games each year.

One user posted saying that they were a Georgia Bulldogs fan and wished Arch the best of luck.

@ArchManning Dawg fan here. Good luck kid. Hope we see you in the SEC championship game a couple of times.

A follower named Danny posted saying that money talks and he believes that Arch’s decision to go to Texas isn’t about football.

@ArchManning Money talks. Because this decision isn’t about football.

A fan named Jake gave his thoughts and said that fellow quarterback Quinn Ewers is going to have to transfer schools again.

Another football fan commented and told Arch that he could have rolled tide, hinting that he could have chosen Alabama as his college.

One user posted Arch Photoshopped in a Texas uniform.

One follower said that Arch should have come to UCLA instead.

A fan named Jason posted and said it would of been too much pressure to go to Ole Miss or Tennessee (where his uncles played) so he doesn’t blame him for choosing Texas.

@ArchManning It would have been too much pressure to go to Tennessee or Ole Miss so I don’t blame him.

Arch has a lot of pressure to live up to the Manning name

DIRECTV'S Seventh Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl - Game
DIRECTV’S Seventh Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl – Game

While Arch’s father did not make it to the pro’s, his two uncles did. Peyton and Eli left quite the legacy for Arch to follow. Simply because of his last name, the amount of pressure on him will be unlike anything he has ever felt before.

Between Peyton and Eli, the duo won two Super Bowls each. They also have a combined 18 Pro Bowls, three Super Bowl MVP’s and have played a combined 502 games in the NFL. That is a lot to live up to.


While placing all that pressure on Arch is unfair, simply being a Manning will mean everyone will hold him to the lofty standards of his uncles.

Either way, we just hope that the pressure of trying to emulate his uncles doesn’t derail his career.

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