Genshin Impact leak reveals typical login screen music from pre-release version

Travelers might be surprised to find that Genshin Impact’s pre-release OST included a song with lyrics for the login screen.

Most players should be familiar with how the login screen works in the game, as well as the music associated with it. One of the most notable differences between then and now is that the pre-release version had lyrics.

These lyrics are from a made-up language, so they don’t offer any potential story spoilers. It is, however, worth mentioning that there are two versions of this song that were recently posted by Ubatcha (a leaker who is also archiving soundtracks).

Genshin Impact pre-release song features iconic humming, but intro has different pace


The first song worth checking out is Track #33, V2, as it is the one with the more noticeable lyrics. Why this song went unused is unknown, although it is possible that miHoYo thought that the final version was just better for the overall atmosphere.

There aren’t many songs like this track in the game as far as lyrics are concerned. The final version has gentle humming, somewhat similar to the first version of the song (shown in the video posted below).


Genshin Impact players should find this version more familiar. This pre-release song has the iconic humming, but the intro is paced differently.

This version also lacks the ambient sound effects in the background, as it relies entirely on the humming. By comparison, the previous beta song already had that background music incorporated.

Curious Travelers will inevitably wish to listen to the finalized version. For their convenience, the official Genshin Impact login music will be posted below.


Its title is Dream Aria, and it combines aspects from both pre-release versions. This finalized version is a song that most Travelers should recognize. At the very least, they should remember the beginning of the song before they try to log into the game.

Other pre-release OSTs

I’m also doing the same for Genshin (Started on it) although it’ll likely take a lot longer so I’ll mention it when I’m actually done.

Ubatcha did state a while back that they would upload the in-game OSTs to see how they change between Version Updates. Hence, curious readers can also opt to click on either of the first two videos in this article to check out all of the currently uploaded music.

The channel (Ubatcha – Genshin Music Archive) currently has 395 subscribers at the time of writing. Archiving this sort of data is very helpful in preventing Genshin Impact’s early history from becoming lost media.

Lost Media


Ubatcha’s recent project is a great way for Genshin Impact’s early OSTs to avoid becoming another footnote in lost media. The concept of finding lost media has become popular in recent years, especially on YouTube. While lost video game music isn’t as big as some of the examples shown in the above video, it is still something that will intrigue some gamers.

Old pre-release leaks might not be as relevant as Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks right now, but this recent discovery of music has gotten a fair amount of traction as of late. At the very least, people who love the game’s music get more tunes to listen to while they do something else.

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