Golden State Warriors possess multiple offensive options

Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson showed up for the Golden State Warriors. They combined for 47 points, while Steph Curry struggled to convert his field goal attempts.

Curry managed to score only 16 points throughout the game, going 0-9 from beyond the arc. It was his first playoff game without a 3-point field goal.

Steph Curry has been the aggressor for the Golden State Warriors in the finals, barring an off night in Game 5. However, that doesn’t mean others haven’t delivered.

Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins have been effective contributors, along with Jordan Poole. Poole has seen his minutes reduced with each passing series.

Surprised Warriors won despite Curry’s off night?”Not at all. The Warriors have several scoring options. I don’t know where this notion came from that Klay is washed. This postseason his numbers are the same as they’ve been throughout his playoff career.” — @Chris_Broussard

The Golden State Warriors are by no means an underdog team, considering the offensive firepower they possess. Chris Broussard of “First Things First” highlighted the team’s strength after Game 5, as he said:

“Before this series began, one of the reasons I said I was picking Golden State was because unlike a banged-up Milwaukee team, and unlike a banged-up Miami Heat team – the Warriors had several scoring options.”

Jordan Poole emerged in Klay Thompson’s absence during the regular season. Poole has kept up his production since Thompson’s return, and both have been really solid contributors for the Warriors.

Thompson has been consistent in his scoring, averaging 19.4 points in the playoffs, with three notable 30-point nights. Poole has played fewer minutes over the last two rounds, and as a result his averages have dropped.

Chris Broussard went on to throw light on Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins’ impact to the Warriors’ system. He said:

“This notion out there that Klay is washed – Klay Thompson hit five three-pointers last night, 21 points as I said. But more than that, this entire postseason – his numbers are exactly the same as they have been throughout his postseason career. I mean, almost identical.

“Andrew Wiggins is a legitimate 20-point scorer. He just doesn’t have that, you know – ‘I gotta be the number one guy’ type of ego, which is great. Cause you got number one, number two type of talent, but you’re willing to play a role and fit in.”

Jordan Poole could become the face of the Golden State Warriors in the near future

Jordan Poole matured during the 2021-22 season under an increased role due to the absence of Klay Thompson. In the regular-season, Poole averaged 20.8 points as a starter, making the most of his opportunities.

During the playoffs, he was chosen to start over Curry in the first round. He delivered with an average of 21.0 points per game against the Denver Nuggets. However, with Curry healthy and effective again, Poole was pushed back into a bench role.

Chris Broussard refuted the rumored criticism Poole has been getting for his reduced impact, stating:

“His numbers have gone down as his role changed and his minutes – because of the minutes Nick. The first series he started, he started 51 games this season, the minutes have fallen cause Steph is fully healthy and Klay is fully healthy. But he’s scoring at the same rate. Look at the numbers.”

Despite the narrative, Jordan Poole has progressed in leaps and bounds over the season.

He is a solid talent for the future of the organization. He’s emulated Curry like performances recently. He seems poised to take on more challenges in the coming years, especially considering the elite company he is in.

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