Happy Corbin says WWE had the cops called on them for murder

It was certainly a confusing time in WWE around the start of the pandemic, with RAW and SmackDown being filmed in the empty Performance Center. The company was forced to get wildly creative in the Covid-19 era and turned to producing high-quality cinematic matches.

However, Happy Corbin revealed that one of these cinematic matches wasn’t received as well as they had expected. Corbin made an appearance over on Mornings with Matt and Bob and spoke about the 2020 Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match that resulted in the police being called on WWE’s production team.

The specific spot in the match that landed the company in trouble with the police was when Corbin chucked Rey Mysterio from the rooftop of WWE headquarters. Corbin said of the incident:

“I got it in my head, ‘Well, if [Rey is] one of the greatest ever, let’s see if he can fly’,” Corbin said. “That was one of the craziest Money in the Bank matches. (…) I think someone legit called the police that I murdered somebody.” (H/T: WrestlingINC)

I would like an update on the murders of Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio. Has Baron Corbin been arrested yet?? #MITB https://t.co/ZI39L4ptJS

It was certainly a shocking moment in the match and came out of nowhere. Of course, The Mayor of Jackpot City didn’t actually kill anyone. Rey Mysterio turned out to be completely fine and has wrestled several matches since.

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 had a lot going on

The entire 2020 Money in the Bank show was quite wild. With the company forced to get creative in its forms of entertainment, the Men’s and Women’s ladder matches were unlike anything seen before or since.

Talking about #MITB let’s appreciate the 2020 Money in the Bank. 💸It was so much fun, the winners might not be correct BUT The Match was very Creative. They utilised the circumstances really well. https://t.co/LFKenDHZAc

The traditional layout for the title contract match was replaced with a new concept which consisted of superstars starting on the ground floor of the company’s headquarters and racing to the roof. The idea fit with the theme of the show, which had the men and women climbing the metaphorical corporate ladder of WWE.

The superstars involved in the match had to fight through corporate offices as they raced to grab their gender-specific briefcases to secure a world title match. Due to the mixed participants, however, several men and women crossed paths as they all fought for one goal, with Rey Mysterio even being put in a Kirifuda Clutch by Shayna Baszler.

The cinematic match also boasted cameo appearances from Vince McMahon, Brother Love, Doink the Clown and current interim CEO Stephanie McMahon. The briefcases were eventually won by Asuka and Otis, with the former being granted the title by a departing Becky Lynch and the latter losing it to The Miz at Hell in a Cell 2020.

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