“He suspended Tom Brady for four games over deflated football”

If Tom Brady missed a quarter of an NFL season for deflating footballs, surely Deshaun Watson should be handed a punishment that matches Roger Goodell’s ‘deflategate’ suspension. With the recent ongoing investigation into Watson being a serial predator, right? Stephen A. Smith certainly thinks so and said as much on ESPN First Take.


Smith’s rant started off recognizing Lisa Friel, Senior Vice President and Special Counsel for Investigations at the National Football League, and the role she has in the Watson investigation:

“Fair enough. What I’m saying to you is this: If you are innocent, that’s what you want to see. Having said all of that, you know, we’ve got researches here and we’ve been alerted as to not that we didn’t know this, but Lisa Friel, obviously for the NFL, she heads the investigation, wants their findings come and they get it to a retired judge that, you know, that the NBA, that the NFL and the NFL Players Association have both agreed to have in place and they would recommend whatever disciplinary action needs to be recommended.”

His focus then shifted to the head honcho of the NFL, Roger Goodell, who he feels ultimately has all the chips in whether Watson plays in 2022 or not:

“Ultimately, though, all the final decision falls on the shoulders of Commissioner Roger Goodell. And so my point is that that last part is what matters most. Understand that Roger Goodell, no matter what the findings are, in the end, is a man that has suspended people for impugning the integrity of the league without touching on their guilt or innocence.”

They are thoughts in #NFL league circles that #Browns Deshaun Watson will be suspended for 1 calendar year. https://t.co/a1G98rGJbX

Smith used Tom Brady’s ‘deflategate’ suspension as evidence that it’s unlikely Goodell will let Watson off the hook easily:

“And if Roger Goodell’s actions are going to be consistent, I find it hard to believe that Deshaun Watson is going to be allowed to play this postseason. Roger Goodell. He suspended Tom Brady for four games over deflated footballs.”


Deshaun Watson was once tabbed a potential Tom Brady replacement

Once upon a time, Tom Brady rode off into the sunset. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers — who still possess a top-rated offensive line and defense with or without TB12. They were in need of a quarterback to keep the Bucs at the top of the NFC South.

Deshaun Watson was mentioned by several news outlets as a potential successor to the G.O.A.T. before Brady decided to continue as career at 44 years old.

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