How to make a stove in Minecraft 1.19 update

Creating furniture in Minecraft can be tricky for new builders, as some creations have much more complexity than others. Even seemingly simple builds can occasionally require unorthodox tactics.

Creating a stove can be just as tricky, but fortunately, with the right blocks on hand, the process shouldn’t be too difficult. Once it’s completed, players should be able to fit their new stove top into any room that they see fit.


Naturally, this new furniture hack fits perfectly in a kitchen area, regardless of the kitchen’s visual aesthetic. Players can even pop the stove outside for a grill-type look for backyard barbecues.

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List of materials needed to create a compact stove in Minecraft and step-by-step tutorial

The completed stove design (Image via Mojang)
The completed stove design (Image via Mojang)

To create this particular Minecraft stove design, players will need a handful of resources. Specifically, players will need at least five solid building blocks, one campfire, a hopper minecart, one rail, an iron trapdoor, at least one standard wood trapdoor and a piston.

Players will also need a method of activating the piston, such as a redstone block, lever, button or another mechanism. Any of these will work perfectly fine.

The setup to create the stove design (Image via Mojang)
The setup to create the stove design (Image via Mojang)

Below, Minecraft players can find a step-by-step process detailing how to create a stove:

  1. Place your campfire where you want the stove to reside. Once the stove is created, it won’t be moveable without breaking it and starting the setup process over, which is worth keeping in mind.
  2. Once the campfire is in place, use your solid building blocks and place one block directly above the campfire. Then, adjacent to the campfire, place two additional building blocks horizontally on each side of the campfire. This will be important for adding final touches in future steps.
  3. Place your rail on top of the topmost building block before placing the hopper minecart on top of it.
  4. Break the topmost block. This will cause the hopper minecart to fall onto the campfire.
  5. On one of the rows of horizontally-placed blocks placed in Step 2, place the iron trapdoor on the block closest to the campfire. Then, place a piston behind it, facing the trapdoor.
  6. Activate the piston via lever, button or redstone block. Doing so should see the piston push the trapdoor over the hopper minecart.
  7. For the final touches, Minecraft players can break all the building blocks and the piston. They can then place wooden trapdoors in front of the stove and activate them to create the appearance of paneling around the stove.


That’s all there is to it. Players should now have a visually appealing stove they can place in their kitchen or outside.

Furthermore, the smoke particles afforded by the campfire block at the base create the appearance that the stove is actively heating something. It brings some depth and personality to any home build, and players can envision what that stove might be cooking for a future dinner gathering.

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