“It can be very TRIGGERING”

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ wife, Brittany Matthews, has drawn the ire of NFL fans over the past year for several reasons. She has been heavily criticized on social media and often receives plenty of hateful comments on her posts.

Congratulations to Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews ❤️(📸 Patrick Mahomes) https://t.co/N83vO2v3fL

While she often refrains from responding, Matthews did not hold back after a fan left a disturbing comment on an Instagram post she shared.

Brittany Matthews calls out fan on Instagram

On May 30th, Matthews shared her husband Patrick Mahomes’ Instagram post announcing they were expecting another child. The post was captioned:

“Round 2! 🤍”

The replies were largely positive, with fans, players, and media members congratulating the couple and wishing them well. But one sinister response caught Matthews’ eye. It read:

“If I was stuck w[ith] this woman for life I’d kill myself”

Matthews took a screengrab of the reply and shared it on an Instagram story, calling out the person who posted it. She wrote:

“Making comments like this are very concerning but also high inappropriate. “Killing yourself” is not a term to just be throwing around like this. It’s actually a very serious matter. People deal with these thoughts often. And it can be VERY TRIGGERING to some people. Let’s be better”

Disgusting comment left on Patrick Mahomes’ wife’s post https://t.co/RZef2svzTu

The comment has since been deleted.

Brittany Matthews has admitted she tries to keep off social media

Matthews has been criticized on social media a lot over the past year. In a Q&A on Instagram in April, she said she tries to stay off social media because “it’s a toxic and horrible place.” Responding to a fan, she wrote:

“Honestly, I have no other choice! I would never let people on the internet destroy my peace or effect my life. BUT. It’s been hard, it took time to learn this and still learning at times. It’s always gonna be there. At times, it’s worse then others & at those times is when you won’t see me on here or the internet. Hence why I have taken such huge steps away from social media. It’s a toxic and horrible place at times and those are when I say peace out.”

She added:

“My world outside of social media is great. I have the right people around me always and that’s where I stay when people on here wanna be (expletive). Not my problem, bye.”

The abuse online towards Brittany Matthews hasn’t affected her social media presence. She frequently posts to give fans an insight into her life and promote her business.

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