NFL fans react to Jadeveon Clowney saying he wanted to sign for same team as Deshaun Watson

Jadeveon Clowney returned to the Browns after a new one-year deal was signed in May, with Deshaun Watson being a key figure in the deal. The star defensive end registered nine sacks from his 14 games last season and will again be lining up as part of the Browns defensive front.

It has now emerged that Clowney wanted to sign where Deshaun Watson was going. Watson signed with the Browns, which then made the 29-year-old do the same.

Update: Jadeveon Clowney said he wanted to sign with whatever team acquired Deshaun Watson

As expected, with Watson’s civil suits being plastered all over media outlets and social media, when fans saw this, they immediately gave their thoughts. One Twitter account jokingly stated that Clowney must love massages. Hinting at Watson’s cases against him.

“Lol bro must love massages.”

Another user commented and wrote that both players want a happy ending, another shot at Watson’s current proceedings.

One fan posted and said that people are forgetting that the pair were teammates in Houston.

One Twitter user replied and said that the defensive player must have wanted his own massages.

One user commented and said that Clowney will not get to play with the quarterback. Hinting at the former Texans star’s potential suspension.

A fan named Jimmy said that the defensive end is just there for the money like he’s always done.

One fan commented and said that it is a wild thing to say publicly.

A fan named Graham posted and said that the pair played on the Texans together.

A user named Andre said that Clowney is corney for supporting the quarterback.

One fan posted that he couldn’t believe what Clowney said.

@JordanFootbalI My dawg willingly said that??? Strong like ox, smart as a tractor 😂😂.

Will Watson play for Cleveland in 2022?

The quarterback talking at a press conference yesterday.
The quarterback talking at a press conference yesterday.

Whether the 26-year-old quarterback will play in 2022 is perhaps one question that everyone wants answered. Depending on which reports you read or TV shows you watch, the general consensus is that the former Texans star will miss time this season.


How long that is, nobody knows. Some have said a four-game ban, while others think a year-long suspension would suffice. The decision is reportedly set to be made in July, but as we know, a lot can happen by then.

The league would ideally not want the 26-year-old playing while the legal actions, which is reportedly set to go up to 26, are still going through the court system.


The quarterback was signed to make the Browns Super Bowl contenders, but if he is sidelined for a lengthy period of time, that will almost certainly not happen.

The Browns signed the 26-year-old to a mammoth five-year, $230 million deal and face the real possibility of not seeing their prized asset on the field in 2022.

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