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Komi Can’t Communicate fans had a ton of elements to enjoy in the previous episode of the series. The much awaited Valentine’s Day is finally over and fans were happy to see that Komi was able to summon the courage to give Tadano his chocolates on that day. It goes without saying that the entire fanbase is rooting for these two students and they certainly want to see their relationship progress over the course of the series.

Fans are eagerly waiting in anticipation for the upcoming episode of the series. Based on the show’s release schedule, fans can expect episode 11 to be released in the next few days. Here’s what we know about the upcoming episode of Komi Can’t Communicate.

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11 release details

Based on the release schedule of Komi Can’t Communicate, the upcoming episode will be released on June 16, 2022 in Japan at 12 midnight Japanese Standard Time. Based on the release schedule that Netflix is currently following, episode 11 should be released sometime around July 6, 2022. These are the dates that are mentioned according to the release schedule followed by the series, and fans can expect it to be released on time unless unforeseen circumstances delay the release.


Komi Can’t Communicate episode 10 recap

All the students were back from the Kyoto trip and trying to adapt to their mundane lives. Komi wanted to greet her friends Katou and Sasaki, but found it quite hard to do so because she thought it would be quite awkward. Tadano greeted her and he saw her attempting to have a conversation with them. However, after seeing her repeatedly fail, he gently pushed her in Katou and Sasaki’s direction so she could talk to them.

Nene Onemine later invited Komi to her house in order to make chocolates for the following day, which would be Valentine’s Day. She seemed a little hesitant, but accompanied her home and helped her later on. Komi was startled by her younger siblings and even went to the extent of uttering a few words since they coerced her. She showed off her whisking skills which impressed everyone in the house. On Valentine’s Day, Komi intended on hiding the chocolates in Tadano’s locker, but she ended up running to her classroom.

Tadano was quite thorough when he checked his locker that day since he anticipated at least a chocolate or two from his friends. Komi then proceeded to exchange chocolates with some of her classmates. Tadano was sad, but his mood got better after he received chocolates from Katai. He was upset at home and his sister teased him for not receiving any chocolates from a girl.

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 10 continues the hot STREAK! It had more character development for Komi, since she spoke two times in the episode and she is becoming more assertive with her feelings for Tadano. Here’s the link to my reaction…

Komi met Tadano as he was leaving to get some ice cream. Tadano expected chocolates, but his happiness was short-lived since Komi decided to bring him his handouts.

As they were leaving, Komi summoned all the courage she had and gave Tadano his chocolates. Tadano mentioned how happy he was and Komi couldn’t handle the emotions at the time and decided to run towards her train station.

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