Shams Charania believes LeBron James owning a team is way down the line, says he can play for another 4-5 years

Recently, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James shocked the basketball community when he shared a goal of his for his playing days are over. Following his retirement, the future Hall of Famer wants to own a team in Las Vegas.

Given that the NBA continues to grow in popularity, adding new teams could become a reality. On top of that, having a high-profile owner like LeBron James could be perfect for a new franchise trying to get off the ground.

Many analysts have applauded LeBron James for wanting to become an owner, but one insider is trying to contain everyone’s intrigue. During an interview with Pat McAfee, Shams Charania of The Atheltic said he feels LeBron isn’t going to retire anytime soon.

“LeBron James still has years left on his career. I just don’t think he’s going to be done in a couple of years. The way he’s playing right now, he could probably go another 4-5 years.”

“The way LeBron James is playing right now he could go another 4-5 more years.. he’s been open that he wants to own a team after his playing career” ~@ShamsCharania#PMSLive

Can LeBron James extend his career four more years?

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers
New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The old saying “father time is undefeated” does not apply to LeBron James. Despite being in his 19th season at the age of 37, he still continues to perform at a high level.

While the Lakers had their fair share of struggles this year, LeBron was far from one of them. His 30.3 points per game in the regular season was his highest average since winning the scoring title back in 2008 as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Juding on how he is still able to elevate himself at this stage, Shams is right to point out that LeBron still has something left in the tank.

“I want a team in Vegas.” 👀 @KingJames hints at his next big move on an all new episode of #TheShop TOMORROW at 9 am PT on our YouTube! 📺

The key to having a long and successful career is putting in the extra work to take care of your body. When it comes to this, nobody is better than LeBron. He has always prioritized his physical health, and it has allowed him to remain in good condition as he enters his late-thirties.

Another reason why we are ways away from LeBron retiring is he wants to play with his son. What better storybook ending to a legendary career than him getting the chance to pass the torch off to his oldest son. LeBron has also said on multiple occasions he wants to play on the same team as Bronny James before he calls it quits.

Given that NBA expansion is not in the immenent future, the stars might align perfectly for LeBron to transition to being an owner upon his retirement.

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