Start of my bare-knuckle career’: Bizarre glove chaos strikes Gallen-Browne weigh-in

Late drama has struck on the eve of the Paul Gallen-Lucas Browne heavyweight blockbuster, although the pair successfully weighed in on Tuesday.
Browne, the 42-year-old former heavyweight world champion, cannot fit his deadly paws into the contractually-required gloves. Both fighters are obligated to wear custom-made Everlast gloves weighing 10 ounces – the same weight Browne wore for his 2016 world title victory.

After weighing in at 117.08kg, Browne declared: “The first ones I couldn’t even get on my hands – that’s without wraps or anything else! The second ones were very tight. This might be the start of my bare-knuckle career, you never know.”

And he said it was up to the promoters to find a set of gloves that would fit, stating: “That’s the promoter’s problem not mine. I’m ready to go.”

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Browne and Gallen weigh inBrowne and Gallen weigh in3:35

Gallen was infamously part of the Cronulla Sharks supplements scandal in the 2011 NRL season, while Browne was stripped of his WBA Heavyweight World Title in 2016 for failing a drug test, before eight months later failing a second drug test.

And the pair didn’t hold back in taking the other to task over their respective doping scandals.

Browne labelled Gallen ‘Peptide Paul’ and criticised his demands for drug testing, saying: “I’m looking forward to the piss test tomorrow. Peptide Paul wants the piss test so here we are.”

And he declared: “I’m just going to belt him. There’s no two ways about it. I’m angry, I’m pissed off. I just want to punch him in the face.”

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Gallen weighed in at 102.2kg, then hit back at his rival over the drug test, stating: “He’s an absolute junkie, he’s a two-time cheat. It is what it is.”

And he promised their war of words would mean nothing when they got into the ring, saying: “He can do what he wants, say what he wants. But tomorrow night he’s going down.”

“You’re such a soft c**k in real life””You’re such a soft c**k in real life”0:33
In the hugely exciting co-main event, 8-1-1 super featherweight Francis Chua declared: “I’m gonna walk forward and we’re going to fight” as he hunts the 8-0 Liam Wilson. Wilson replied: “I’m gonna punch the s**t out of him for 10 rounds.”

After making weight for a hotly-anticipated bout with Stevie Spark, Jack Brubaker declared: “It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been down to welterweight. I’m the f***ing king at it and I’m going to destroy him”.


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Tyler Sargent Wilson 75.10kg vs. 75.90kg Steven Rados: Super Middleweight, 4x3m rounds

Jackson Murray 107.44kg vs. 105.32kg Webster Teaupa: Heavyweight, 4x3m rounds

Viviana Ruiz Corredor 51.92kg vs. 51.62kg Rebecca Moss: Super Flyweight, 4x3m rounds

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