Steve Kerr is doing his best work as the Warriors head coach

Steve Kerr has the Golden State Warriors close to winning their fourth NBA championship. And Keyshawn Johnson believes this season has featured Kerr’s best work.

Golden State holds a 3-2 lead over the Boston Celtics heading into Game 6 on Thursday in Boston.

On ESPN’s “Keyshawn, JWill & Max,” Johnson said:

“This is his best coaching job as Warriors head coach by far. It’s not even close.”

Johnson said that Kerr has been crucial in the Warriors overcoming everything they have endured this season.

“Everything was new,” Johnson said. “He didn’t really have to have no adversity, so to speak. They had a little bit of adversity over the last couple of years, because players have been hurt. They had to get back to their mojo. Then, all of a sudden, Steph Curry gets hurt and comes back.

“He has to manage Draymond Green in that situation, and he has to make in-game decisions.”

Steph Curry‘s injury near the end of the season left him in doubt going into the playoffs. While Curry is back at his usual level, Kerr managed his return by having him come off the bench in the first round.

Managing Draymond Green in the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals has been an issue, but Kerr appears to have made the right decision.

Kerr’s in-game decision on Green could lead to another NBA championship.


Steve Kerr is establishing himself among the elite coaches in NBA history

Another championship will put Steve Kerr among the elite coaches in the history of the NBA.
Another championship will put Steve Kerr among the elite coaches in the history of the NBA.

While stars like Steph Curry and Draymond Green have been significant for the Warriors’ dynasty, Steve Kerr has also been a critical piece.

The NBA named Kerr one of the top 15 coaches of all time in February, and Keyshawn Johnson believes the coach has earned that praise.

“For the first time, we saw him make an in-game decision being talked about now,” Johnson said.

During the Warriors’ previous championship runs, the team’s talent level helped Kerr’s job appear to be effortless.

With the current core aging and the lack of multiple NBA 75th Anniversary players, Kerr has to be creative. His in-game decisions are earning praise from analysts.

The expectations for Golden State are at their highest, but Kerr is still finding new ways to win with the team.

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