“The faster he gets back the faster we can trade him to the Phillies” “Aww f*** no”

The New York Yankees are preparing for the imminent return of one of their most highly paid players, Aroldis Chapman, but fans are dreading the return rather than excitedly anticipating it. The seven-time All-Star was previously the top closer on the team but struggled in his few appearances of the 2022 MLB season, with a 3.86 ERA allowed, significantly higher than his career average of 2.39.

In addition to Aroldis Chapman’s early-season struggles, the New York Yankees have been the top team in baseball during his absence, and his return has the potential to throw off the momentum the team has built.

While leaders like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gerrit Cole are unlikely to allow any one player to ruin the winning ways, the possibility does exist, and fans are scared of this possibility.

Talkin’ Yanks posted a video of the injured pitcher throwing from the mound, implying he will return soon.

While for most teams, the return of a superstar pitcher would be something to celebrate, the video had the opposite effect on New York Yankees fans.

New York Yankees fans dread the return of Aroldis Chapman

Chapman hopes to return to his team very soon.
Chapman hopes to return to his team very soon.

Hopefully, Aroldis Chapman is not looking at the online reaction to his potential return. New York Yankees fans are notorious for speaking their minds and being harsh on their teams. The return of their All-Star pitcher is just the latest example.

This fan is hoping for a quick return, but only to allow for a trade to the Philadelphia Phillies.

@TalkinYanks The faster he gets back the faster we can trade him to the phillies

This fan is unclear as to whether this is good news for his team or bad news.

This user was rather direct in his response, not leaving a lot of wiggle room for interpretation.

This fan is one of the few who seems to be satisfied with the imminent return, but is hoping he will be used as a reliever and not as a closer, which he has been the majority of his career.

This user doesn’t see how any fan of the New York Yankees can be happy about this return.

This user jokes that Aroldis Chapman might need more time to recover, a lot more time.

@TalkinYanks nah man he should seriously really rest a few more months

This user makes his displeasure known with a GIF that encapsulates his reaction.

As the top team in the American League East prepares for the return of one of their top pitchers, the fans make their voices heard, and they are not nearly as excited about the pending return as the team is. Hope it does not affect the stellar season they have had thus far.

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