Twitter’s mixed reactions after Vince McMahon steps down as WWE Chairman & CEO

For many, Vince McMahon is the single-most important person in professional wrestling. He has been in control of WWE for four decades now, and the rollercoaster year of 2022 has brought one more shocking piece of news – Vince McMahon has officially stepped down as the WWE Chairman and CEO.

This came after allegations emerged about a cover-up he had involving a former WWE employee. It resulted in an investigation, and it seems to have cost McMahon his role in company.

It should be noted that while Stephanie McMahon will take over as the interim CEO and Chairman, Vince McMahon will still control WWE creative decisions. He stated that he is fully co-operating, and the corporate statement seemed to leave the door open for his return. Either way, here is what the WWE Twitterverse had to say. As you can see, the reactions are mixed:

“We are extremely disappointed in Vince McMahon for his unprofessional actions”

If Stephaine is only Interim, does that mean we can have a tournament to determine who will be the real Chairman of the Board?Who’s got what It take to climb the corporate ladder? #MITB #VinceMcMahon #WWE

Oh Vince McMahon has stepped away from the CEO position and will be replace by Stephanie… will things change? Who knows….

Vince McMahon quickly re-writing his will and life insurance beneficiaries to shut out the entire McMahon family.Knives Out 3: Dinosaur Skull

Vince McMahon has stepped down as WWE CEO and Chairman.Holy crap…..2022 is wild.

guys i’m blasted looking like riddle eating cereal and watching breaking bad clips and i see the news that steph is the ceo now and not vince and i’m like oh cool then i’m like wait what wow great way to start my morning #Vince McMahon #BreakingBad

Vince McMahon stepping down as WWE CEO seemed unfathomable for decades so him actually doing so is absolutely wild!


Well then. This is certainly a way to start a Friday. Vince McMahon steps down as Chairman. Stephanie to take over until the Board’s investigation is complete. Wow.…

What is next for Vince McMahon and WWE?

As we mentioned, WWE’s statement seemed to loosely suggest that he will step away until the conclusion of the investigation. He may return quietly when all is done and dusted.

This is all speculation. But if his role as Chairman and CEO of WWE is truly done, then it will mark the end of an era in professional wrestling and the beginning of a new one.

What has flown under the radar so far is Stephanie McMahon’s return in a bigger role just a month after she announced that she was stepping away. There will be plenty of fallout with news and rumors in the hours and days to come, so keep following Sportskeeda Wrestling for the latest updates!

What are your thoughts on McMahon’s departure as WWE Chairman and CEO? Voice your opinions in the comments below!

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