Who is Sean Casten? Illinois Congressman’s teenage daughter dies at family’s Downers Grove home

On Monday, June 13, Illinois’ Democrat representative Sean Casten announced the tragic demise of his 17-year-old daughter Gwen. The death of his teen daughter reportedly occurred at the family’s residence in Downers Grove, Illinois.

The news of her demise was announced by the official Twitter page of the Congressman. In a tweet, Casten mentioned:

“This morning, Congressman Casten’s beloved daughter, Gwen (17), passed away.”

This morning, Congressman Casten’s beloved daughter, Gwen (17), passed away. The Casten family requests privacy, and we will be issuing no further comment during this heartbreaking time.

In the later part of the tweet, the 50-year-old Ireland native also requested privacy at the time and stated that they would provide no further comment regarding the “heartbreaking” subject.

The unfortunate demise of Illinois Democratic representative Sean Casten’s teen daughter

According to comments by the Chicago Police Department to the Chicago Tribune, 17-year-old Gwen was found to be unresponsive at around 7 am in the morning. A later report revealed that the teen was found dead by the first responders of the call. However, the nature of death or its cause is not known at the moment.

On June 3, Sean Casten had proudly announced to Newsy that his daughter had “organized a “Stop The Bleed” training to learn how to pack a gunshot wound during a school shooting.” He added that children like Gwen had taken it upon themselves to organize such training programs that numerous “US Senators don’t have the courage to do.”

My teenage daughter, Gwen organized a “Stop The Bleed” training to learn how to pack a gunshot wound during a school shooting because, in America, our children have taken it upon themselves to do what sitting US Senators don’t have the courage to do. https://t.co/FSV2OJatq9

Gwen’s stances toward gun violence were also documented on her Twitter page, where she disclosed about being the co-director of the March for Our Lives’ Illinois’ Downers Grove movement. She was associated with the Downers Grove North High Empowerment Club. Furthermore, recently, the late Gwen also appeared in her father’s campaign ad for a third term as a congress member.

What is known about Sean Casten?


Sean Casten is a businessman turned politician currently serving as a member of the US House of Representatives from Illinois’s 6th district. The 50-year-old has been in office since 2019 and is a Democrat representative. In addition to being an entrepreneur and politician, Casten also considers himself a scientist.

According to his official website,

“(Casten) serves on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and is the Vice-Chair of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets.”

Sean Casten also serves as the co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition Climate Change Task Force. On the website, the representative elaborates on his qualification as a ‘scientist.’ Casten reportedly has a “Master of Engineering Management and a Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.” During his time at Dartmouth, the Dubland native claimed to have worked on research about “thermophilic fermentation technology to produce cellulosic ethanol and engineering analyses of integrated ethanol, heat and power plants.”

Previously, Asten has served as the CEO of the Turbosteam Corporation. He also reportedly worked with Arthur D. Little as a clean energy consultant in fuel and power generation. Along with his father, Tom Casten, the Dartmouth College alumni founded Recycled Energy Development, LLC (RED) in 2006, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by collecting and recycling waste energy for profit.

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