“Would be so much fun”- Alexa Bliss shares interesting future goal

Alexa Bliss is interested in becoming a voice actor for a cartoon/animated character.

Little Miss Bliss is one of the most popular WWE Superstars on the current roster. She has been competing on the main roster for about six years now, and has done well for herself and the company.

In her latest tweet, Bliss stated that she would have a lot of fun voicing animated characters.

“I think being the voice of an animated character would be so much fun- future goal,” she wrote.

I think being the voice of an animated character would be so much fun- future goal🀘🏻

Alexa Bliss’ fans seemed excited over her goal

Alexa Bliss boasts almost two million followers on Twitter. Her posts receive massive engagement on a regular basis. Her latest tweet wasn’t any different, and fans flocked to the reply section with their reactions. Many of Bliss’ fans responded positively to her tweet:

@AlexaBliss_WWE It would definitely be fun! You know how to do different voices like on this clip. Now, imagine this but in animated 😁 https://t.co/vCxuHwXIGg

@AlexaBliss_WWE I think that’d be something you’d be great at too. Something I think would come naturally for you as well!

Bliss has spoken up on various occasions about possibly trying her hand at acting, somewhere down the line. Bliss has had a decorated career so far in WWE and still has a lot left in the tank. Fans who have kept up with her WWE run over the years are aware that she can hold her own on the mic. Here’s what she had to say in regards to a possible stint in Hollywood:

“WWE will always be home. That’s always where I’ll be, but I would love to see what happens if I go for acting. Like, I’ve been working with an acting coach for the last 10 months. Everything I’m doing right now, character base-wise, is a lot of acting and it’s a lot of fun. But I would love to try that one day if the cards allow. That would definitely be a passion of mine. But for now, WWE’s home,” revealed Alexa Bliss.

Bliss is a big Disney fan and has opened up about her love for the franchise on various occasions. She would love to voice a Disney character someday. Bliss has quite a loyal fanbase and her fans would love to see her make it big in Hollywood as an actor as well as a voice actor.

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