WWE legend’s wife fires off an expletive-filled reply to accusations regarding Jeff Hardy’s arrest

Reby Hardy lost patience when her husband, Matt Hardy, was recently accused of being irresponsible regarding Jeff Hardy.

The pro wrestling community was shaken this week when The Charismatic Enigma was arrested for the third time in the last ten years. The police report of the arrest stated that Jeff was detained for DUI, among other offenses. As of now, any plans involving him in AEW have been scrapped.

Former WWE star Bill DeMott spoke with Matt Hardy on Twitter about the incident. When Bill speculated that Matt was irresponsible, the latter calmly explained how he couldn’t keep an eye on Jeff Hardy 24/7.

While the exchange was quite civil, Matt’s wife let go of all the pretense as she fired back with expletives:

“Fu*king di*khe*d”

You can check out the full uncensored tweet here.

@BillDeMott @RebelKelley1982 Understand your passion on this & agree that DD is unacceptable. I expect speculation from fans, but not you. I haven’t touched a drug in over a decade, haven’t drank since I’ve been a Dad. Saw Jeff last on Sun night & flew early Mon w/@RebyHardy. I can’t be with Jeff every min.

As of now, The Charismatic Enigma has been temporarily suspended from AEW without pay. Only time will tell how things turn out for the veteran in the coming weeks.

Reby Hardy has been vocal against accusations regarding the Jeff Hardy arrest

While fans have generally supported Jeff Hardy and his close family in light of the arrest, some have accused Matt and Reby of being “enablers.” It led to an enraged response from the former TNA star.

Reby posted a short video on Tik Tok angrily mocking the accusations. So far, the video has gained a widespread audience, with most fans supporting Matt Hardy’s wife for her stance.

Reby Hardy going off on the “you and Matt Hardy are enablers” comments 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🗣🗣🗣 https://t.co/U5aJvMmI9d

The unfortunate incident has led to The Hardys being pulled from an upcoming tag team title match against Jurrasic Express and The Young Bucks. Fans must stay tuned to see how the two brothers bounce back from the mishap.

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