“You don’t wanna go off script all of a sudden… Do what you do”

The Boston Celtics are on the brink of losing the NBA Finals going into Game 6 in Boston. The Golden State Warriors won Game 5 and have the chance to finish the job at TD Garden.

On ESPN’s “Get Up,” former Toronto Raptors star Vince Carter spoke about the things that the Celtics need to do to win Game 6. The eight-time All-Star emphasized how the team needs to stick to its game plan and not go off track. Carter said:

“Stick to the script and do what you do, do what’s gotten you here because the one thing you don’t want – you don’t want to go off-script all of a sudden.

“You don’t want to say let me be the hero and play hero ball where guys are doing things not expected and everybody is not on the same page.”

Vince Carter continued:

“Get your turnovers under control. Continue to attack. I think the Boston Celtics are great with Jaylen Brown in attack mode and starting things off and allowing Jayson Tatum to work his way into the game. No hero ball.”


How can the Boston Celtics win Game 6?

Stars from the 2022 NBA Finals - Game 5
Stars from the 2022 NBA Finals – Game 5

The Boston Celtics have been in such positions before, as they are on the brink of losing the NBA Finals.

They were down 3-2 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference semifinals. However, they responded and won Games 6 and 7 with a 33-point differential from both games.

The Celtics have never had an issue starting the game well. Jaylen Brown has been the primary catalyst in the franchise having a great first quarter. But in Game 6, they were down by 11 points after the first 12 minutes. If this happens in Game 6, they will in all likelihood lose the series.

Game 5 was also not the best of games for Steph Curry. The Boston Celtics will need to play such defense again on the greatest shooter of all time in the next game to pull off a victory.

Despite possessing the best defense in the league, the Celtics did not get enough stops down the stretch in Game 5. The Warriors made shot after shot. All these things will need to be sorted out by the Celtics ahead of Game 6.

8 consecutive threes by the @celtics is a new #NBAFinals record. The previous record was 7 done multiple times, most recently by Boston in Game 1 of this series. https://t.co/dqOdLAMK7x

Either way, Ime Udoka’s men have their work cut out going into Game 6 as the visitors are playing with house money. The Boston Celtics will need to set the tempo right from tip-off and force a Game 7 back at the Chase Center later this week.

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